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Relax, Life Is Good                               Bath & Body

                                                 Coochy Protection Lotion

                                                 This luxurious lotion-to-powder goes on like a lotion and dries to a
                                                 powder providing talc-free natural comfort and a strong barrier against
                                                 wetness. Gentle enough for most skin types. Provides a strong barrier
                                                 against wetness in intimate areas including inner thighs, breasts, and
                                                 underarms. Non-talc formula. Helps prevent chafing. Ideal for work outs
                                                 and humid climates.
                                                 Peony Prowess . This fragrance is a mix of Lady Apple, Freesia,
                                                 Passionfruit, Soft Peony, Orange Flower, Jasmine, Suede, White
                                                 Patchouli, Moss
                                                 $26 ~ 4 oz. Bottle

                                  Coochy Body Oil

                                  Infused with soothing extracts and ultra-hydrating moisturizers.
                                  Gentle enough for most skin types. Ultra-hydrating formula
                                  designed to lock in moisture.  Provides a sexy shine for healthier
                                  looking skin. Absorbs quickly for a soft, satin finish. Doubles as a
                                  gentle moisturizer and keeps tattoos vibrant.
                                  Scent Is Botanical Blast
                                  $19 ~  4 oz. Bottle

                                                                       Coochy Protection Mist

          Infused with soothing essential oils and ultra-hydrating moisturizers, this after-shave mist
          provides a calming barrier designed to tighten pores and prevent irritation. Gentle enough for
          most skin types. Soothes skin and tightens pores to inhibit ingrown hairs. Provides natural barrier
          to protect newly shaven or waxed skin. Conditions & moisturizes skin for a sexier healthier look.
          Made with natural botanical extracts.
          Botanical Blast . This fragrance is a mix of the extracts including, but not limited, to lavender,
          cucumber, raspberry, sage, clover, and oat kernel.

                                                                         $20 ~ 4 oz. Bottle

                            Coochy Feminine Spray

                            Infused with natural deodorizing agents and essential oil extracts, this
                            feminine spray helps promote healthy pH balance while leaving skin softly
                            scented.  Feel fresh and frisky all day long. Keep your coochy feeling fresh
                            and fabulously fragranced.
                            Scent Is Peony Prowess
                            $18 ~ 4 oz. Bottle

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