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Relax, Life Is Good                               Bath & Body

           [He]ro 260 Shaving Cream

           [HE]RO 260 MALE SHAVE CREAM 8 oz - Clean cut and super smooth,
           [HE]RO 260 Shaving Cream reveals that handsome face and body. This
           moisture-rich shaving cream leaves his skin looking youthful, well-
           moisturized, and kissably smooth. Suitable for using everywhere on the

            $24 ~ 8 fl oz

                                                       Glow Bubbles

                                Bathing has never been more fun! Pour in,
                                 turn off lights, and let the fun begin. This
                                 product meets FDA Guidelines. Exposure
                                to bright light prior to use helps make the
                                          Glow Bubbles glow stronger.

                                                       $15 ~ 8 fl oz

           Head Over Heels Bubble Bath

           Nothing is more romantic than soaking with your sweetie in a super
           fluffy bubble bath. Warm, silky water with a fragrance that pleasures
           and soothes you both. Head over Heels is infused with gender-neutral
           arousing pheromones and essential oils that help put you in the mood
           and make you both feel sexy!

           Available in three provocative scents:
           Passionfruit & Guava
           Vanilla, Sugar, & Sweet Pea
           Pomegranate, Fig, Coconut, & Plumeria

           $20 ~ 8 fl oz

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