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Relax, Life Is Good                               Bath & Body

                                        Strawberry Truffle                   Intimate Tickles Bath Bombs
                                        Bath Bomb Cupcake

                                        -OR-                      Chocolate Caramel ~ 100% pure chocolate essen-
                                                                  tial oil from France and caramel scent. $13
                                        Chocolate Caramel
                                        Bath Bomb Cupcake         Strawberry Truffle ~ Strawberry Truffle bath bomb
                                                                  transports you to a whole other world. $13

                                                                  Rubber Duckie ~ Infused with a fresh ocean breeze
                                                                  scent and a duck to boot. $13

                                 Beauty and The Beast             Snot Be Gone ~ Perfect for those who suffer from
                                                                  allergies or sinus problems.  Infused with 100%
                                                                  pure peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils. $13

                                                                  Beauty and the Beast ~ Infused with 100% pure
                    Rubber Duckie                                 Jasmine oil you will surely feel like the Belle at the
                                                                  Ball. $13

                                                                  Lavender and Chamomile  ~ Perfect for both
                                                                  adults and children to help promote a calm and re-
                                        Lavender and              laxing feeling.  Great to use before bed to help you
                                        Chamomile                 sleep better. $13

                              Snot Be Gone
                              Bath Bomb

                                                                       Sliquid Balance Soak

              Immerse your senses in this aromatic, foaming bath soak that is both soothing to the skin and
                 gentle on the most intimate areas. Formulated without any of the harsh chemicals usually
                associated with bath products, the ingredients in Soak combine to offer a moisturizing soak
                   experience.   Sliquid Soak is infused with decadent cherry blossom, lemon, green tea or
                   coconut papaya essentials oils, natural sea salt, and mango and shea butters to create a
                luxuriant, in-home spa experience. Glycerine and paraben free. pH balanced neutral. 100%
                                  Vegan friendly, 100% Recyclable packaging, 100% Made in America.
                                      Your choice of scent available in Cherry Blossom or Limoncello.

                                                                             $20 ~ 8.5 fl oz

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